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Master the Art of Building, Coaching, and Managing a Sales Team

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Virtual Instructor-Led

Start dates for the virtual instructor-led training program are listed below and will meet 1 days a week for 90mins a total of 10 sessions. Inquire for specific schedules.

Why Attend The Sales Management Mastery Course?

The Sales Management Mastery Course goes beyond theory and inspiration.

The instructor-led training program gives sales managers a proven strategy to improve their team’s sales performance with tactical steps for executing with success. The program can be offered virtually across 10 sessions over 10 weeks

Sales managers will have a better understanding of their role, where to focus their attention, and how to coach to the strengths and weaknesses of each of the sales professionals they lead as well as the opportunity to network and collaborate with other leaders who have “been there, done that.”

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Why You Should Consider Attending..

Hire and Keep Top Sales Performers

Learn how to streamline the interview process and select sales candidates who are hardwired to succeed in your sales environment

Master the Art of Sales Coaching

Learn a tailored approach to coaching, managing, and motivating sales professionals to achieve defined results in a predictable way

Streamline Your Sales Process

Discover a proven, systematic sales strategy that will shorten the sales cycle, improve your forecasting, and elevate your team’s sales performance

Define an Actionable Sales Plan

Develop strategic and tactical plans for acquiring new business, growing your existing business, and hitting your sales goals

Develop Clear Performance Objectives

Determine exactly where your team needs to focus their attention, and set milestones and events to keep them on track

Make Authentic Connections

Network and collaborate with sales leaders from around the world facing the same challenges you’re up against day in and day out

Designed to help sales managers avoid unnecessary issues.

It's a sad fact that our institutes of higher education do not offer a four-year diploma in sales management. As a result, entrepreneurs are forced to fend for themselves.


Take Note..

  • The average tenure of a new sales manager is 1.5 years before he or she is terminated.
  • Avoid the $600,000 hiring mistake
  • How to manage marginal performers
  • How to develop and deploy a repeatable, scalable and profitable sales process
  • How to coach your team to achieve record top-line performance

What You Should Know..

  1. Problem it solves: The Sales Management Mastery workshop addresses the fact that there are very few (if any) colleges and universities in the United States that offer a four-year degree in sales management. As a result, most managers – whether they are the entrepreneur/founder of the company and/or a hired manager – are "flying by the seat of their pants". This results in suppressed revenue and profitability.

  2. Sell more or your money back guarantee: Each participant that completes our entire program will be extended the sell more or your money back guarantee.

  3. What's included: The participant will receive ten 1.5-hour sessions, spread over ten consecutive weeks.

  4. Copilot subscription: Each participant will receive a subscription to our Copilot coaching software for the participant and all of his/her direct reports. The subscription lasts for one year from the conclusion of the ten-week program. Roger, you're going to have to coordinate this portion of the activity.

  5. Monthly mastermind: The training doesn't end at the conclusion of the ten-week series. All participants are eligible to attend monthly mastermind sessions to "iron out" any wrinkles that they may have in the deployment of the process.

  6. Key differences: Unlike traditional management training programs, we not only focus on the interpersonal skills a manager must display, but we also focus on the process of coaching team members and, most importantly, developing and deploying a repeatable, scalable sales process that is metrically driven via Key Predictive Indicators (KPIs).

  7. Sales effectiveness survey: As part of our intake program, each participant will utilize our sales effectiveness survey for their sales team in order to benchmark their current sales process.

  8. Sales potential worksheet: The sales potential worksheet is one of six or seven dozen tools that are in the Sales Manager's Toolkit. The sales potential worksheet provides the participant with an estimate of the total potential for new revenue that their team presents.

  9. Reinforcement videos: Each session will be recorded and distributed to all participants for their refresher activity.

  10. Workbooks and templates: As mentioned above, the Sales Manager's Toolkit possesses dozens of templates, tools and workbooks that facilitate ease of implementation.
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Additional Insights to Improve Sales Management Performance

Useful Benefits

"Gil taught me everything they didn't teach me in college about growing and managing a salesforce to achieve predictable results." - Susan R.

Result Driven

"My team is hitting our revenue targets reliably, as a result of using Cargill's KPIs." - Franklin W.

Take Control

"The Copilot really makes it easy to coach and manage my team. This is a great tool to transition from the classes to my team." - Samuel S.